Monday, October 4, 2010


Someone calling herself Truth left the following comment on Lori Ziganto's post, "10 Hateful Anti-Woman Acts by Leftist “Feminists”, Part 1" today. I wanted to reproduce it here just in case it disappears over there. Thank you, Truth. I couldn't have said it any better myself. 
“We unhinged nutty nuts help women, instead of urging them to abort. We help them truly have it all, education, career and motherhood via personal responsibility.” 
How? By trying to cut every benefit poor pregnant women NEED in order to actually deliver? The first time I got pregnant, it was by an abuser who often coerced sex. I had no health insurance (I briefly did, but got dropped because I couldn’t pay the bill), a $8.00 per hour job, and certainly no money for college tuition. I had two options. One was lots of government assistance, including Medicaid, food stamps, and WIC. The other was to accept that I couldn’t afford this child (nor did I want it), and abort. I avoided becoming a burden to the taxpayers, which I believe is responsible. I definitely never suffered “immense guilt.” It wasn’t that big a deal, in fact.
I don’t see conservatives rushing to support Medicaid and food stamps for pregnant women. In fact, you’re the first ones to try to take them away. How else do you think we’re going to pay for these kids? Even if you give up the baby to rich Republicans and take a vow of chastity after, someone has to pay for prenatal care and delivery. I’m guessing you’re not willing to pony up.
And who are we kidding? Conservatives hate poor women’s kids as soon as they’re no longer fetuses. My friend went through hell to give birth and try to support her biracial son–working two jobs, going on Medicaid, etc. She considered abortion but chose life because it was the “right thing.” As soon as her son ceased to be a fetus, she’s gotten nothing but hateful and racist sneers about how she’s a loser and a “welfare mom” who “spread her legs” for a black guy. The fetus-worshipers offer nothing for her son now that he needs medical care and food that doesn’t come from an umbilical cord.
And as for that abortion is black genocide nonsense? Conservatives hate black kids past the fetal stage. Some woman in my friend’s neighborhood called the cops to complain about “little thugs.” All her son and his friends were doing was playing basketball…WITH her supervision. Of course, she has a bunch of Republican campaign signs in her yard. No one’s giving my friend a slap on the back anymore for “choosing life” now that her kid isn’t a fetus.

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