Thursday, October 7, 2010

Equality and self-determination for women is harmful to women?

For your amusement, I have reproduced a debate conducted via Twitter today between Amanda Marcotte in one corner and Snark and Boobs (a.k.a. Lori Ziganto) and Moms4SarahPalin in the other. And I did so in a creepily obsessed manner (he said sarcastically).
AmandaMarcotte I don't know why women who aren't feminists want to be called "feminist" anyway. Do they think we get special discounts or something?
Moms4SarahPalin @AmandaMarcotte excuse me, but doesn't being FEMALE qualify one to be a feminist? Since when did liberals own the word?
AmandaMarcotte @Moms4SarahPalin It's not what's between your legs that makes you feminist. It's what's in your head. Only conservatives could confuse it.
snarkandboobs .@AmandaMarcotte *Not* Feminists? Saying some women don't meet yr assy club standards is antithetical to Feminism. Not very For The Women-y!
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs Why do you want to be a feminist if you disagree with all the actual ideas of feminism?
snarkandboobs @AmandaMarcotte Yeah, no. YOU don't understand what it actually is. You've twisted Feminism to lock-step w/Lefty agenda, HARMFUL to women
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs Again, I ask. If you disagree with the ideas, why want the title? Is it because you're insecure and desperate for approval?
Moms4SarahPalin @AmandaMarcotte well that's pretty clear, because most feminists look like men's rather confusing. Is Barney Frank a feminist?
AmandaMarcotte @Moms4SarahPalin So, if you hate feminists so much, why do you want the title?
snarkandboobs .@AmandaMarcotte I don't want nor need the title. Clearly you do as part of your desperate quest for perpetual victimhood.
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs Yet, you're so angry that I would kick you out of the club? If it's such a hateful club, why do you want in? Sounds insecure.
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs I wouldn't be like, "No, I'm the real Tea Cracker!" I don't want to be in that club.
snarkandboobs @AmandaMarcotte PS Modern day faux-feminists are the ones who are antithetical to feminism. Hence your lame attempts to "disqualify" women
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs I'm confused. You want in or not? You say yes, you say no. It's awfully confusing.
Moms4SarahPalin @AmandaMarcotte btw, I don't "hate" feminists, I pity them.
AmandaMarcotte @Moms4SarahPalin Then why so angry that I accurately say that you aren't a feminist?
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs As for "victimhood", I'm not the one crying about not being allowed in a club of people I openly hate.
snarkandboobs @AmandaMarcotte Don't give a crap what you do. Just pointing out YR hypocrisy. Can't claim to be "4 the women" when all you do is ANTI woman
AmandaMarcotte @snarkandboobs You don't give a crap what I do, and yet you obsessively follow me and whine and whine at me. I don't believe you.
Moms4SarahPalin @AmandaMarcotte and who are you to define feminism? what is a feminist to you? i'd love to hear your definition.
AmandaMarcotte @Moms4SarahPalin Believes that we should end the patriarchy and install equality and self-determination for women instead.
Moms4SarahPalin @AmandaMarcotte you saying I believe that, or that that's your definition?
AmandaMarcotte @Moms4SarahPalin That is pretty much *the* definition. Saying feminists want to end sexism is like saying Christians believe in god.
snarkandboobs @amandamarcotte You're slipping. So many "you are insecure" comments, yet you haven't devolved to sex stuff yet. Shocking.
snarkandboobs @AmandaMarcotte You really are obtuse. It's kinda sad. I'd feel sorry for you if you didn't, you know, excuse *actual* misogyny all the time
snarkandboobs @AmandaMarcotte Obsessively? Okay, Meggie Mac. Anyway, your stupidity amuses me. Your hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is HE-Larious.
Confused? Don't be. Read Marcotte's primer "A Short History of "Feminist" Anti-Feminists."

Oh, and by the way, I thought I should tell you that I am a real conservative. That's right! You see, my support of regulation of the markets is actually pro-business, because the Republican party's deregulation of those markets is bad for business. Not very for-the-corporation-y, Republicans! And they call themselves conservatives! 

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