Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Questions

I just heard Michael Savage devote a segment to the following question:
If the Russians are our friends, then why did Obama sign a treaty to reduce the size of our nuclear force?  
He seemed to be thinking that such treaties are signed only at the end of hostilities, and we are obviously not at war with Russia.  

I would answer with another question:
If the Russians are our friends, then of what use is a large nuclear force? 
According to the Associated Press, "If ratified by the Senate and by Russia's legislature, the reductions still would leave both countries, by far the world's largest nuclear powers, with immense arsenals – and the ability to easily annihilate each other."

I guess it's pretty clear now that the purpose of Michael Savage and others like him is not to provide anyone with any useful information.  And if there is any question in your mind about this, then take it from Glenn Beck, who claims to be in the entertainment business.  So I guess that only one question remains:
How could anyone find that shit entertaining? 

1 comment:

  1. How could anyone find that shit entertaining?

    Maybe he's a fan of Martin Esslin


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