Friday, April 16, 2010

A New day on Earth

Watch Jon Stewart ridicule Fox "News" for seriously considering the suggestion that the Nuclear Security Summit logo is actually an "Islamic image," or as Stewart puts it, a "coded message to the Muslim world." John Oliver makes a cameo.

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The design of the logo actually reminded me of this kind of image:

This is a picture of "the Sun emerging from behind the Earth" as seen from Apollo 12 in 1969. "From this distant perspective, part of the solar disk peers over the Earth's limb, its direct light producing the jewel-like glint, while sunlight scattered by the atmosphere creates the thin bright crescent."

What the image reminded me of is the sun rising on a new day on Earth. I like that better than the actual inspiration for the logo, which is the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom with which we are all familiar.

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