Sunday, September 26, 2010

Congratulations, sir.

I finally got around to writing my response to CSBadeaux. It is as follows: 

CSBadeaux, It's good to see you got all of that smug out of your system.

Your reasons for refusing to even read the post strayling linked to are as follows:
  1. The writer of the post is a C-list lefty blogger. 
  2. You were made aware of the post in a "drive-by" comment. 
  3. The writer of the post is desperate for hits and graduation to the B-list. 
  4. The writer of the post doesn't matter, and neither do his opinions. 
  5. Responding to it would aggravate the mental illness of the writer of the post. 
  6. The writer of the post attributes a certain legal view to all Republicans in a different post. 
  7. The post is written in "Middle Gibberish." 
  8. The comments expressed in the post are irrelevant to Wolf's review. 
  9. The writer of the post falsely attributes to Wolf some view that is irrelevant to Wolf's review. 
  10. There is no way that the blogger in question could have knowledge of Wolf's ulterior motives. 
Items (1) through (6) are all irrelevant to the actual merits of the blogger's post. A course in rudimentary critical thinking would have made you aware of this fact. Fortunately, your ignorance of such matters has given you an outlet for your sociopathic need to abuse those who have committed the terrible crime of disagreeing with you. While your critical thinking skills have suffered, your ability to abuse others has clearly flourished. Bravo!

(7) is false. The post is written in English. Have you heard of it? I take it that it is not your mother tongue, since, by your own admission, you find it incomprehensible.

(8) is also false. This would have been obvious to you had you actually read (and understood) the post.

(9) is so vague that its merit cannot be assessed.

Your reason for asserting (10) appears to be this: the only way one could have knowledge of Wolf's ulterior motives is by either knowing Wolf personally or by reading his mind "at a distance." (Is there any other way of reading another's mind?) But this assumption is obviously false.

One thing we can say for sure: you are clearly a bigger asshole than Leon H. Wolf. Congratulations, sir.

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't be surprised if that WAS Leon H Wolf, personally.
    But what the hell do I know? I'm just some 23-year old chick who definitely would not allow the slimeball to buy me a drink. ;)


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