Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ziganto responds! . . . lamely.

Lori Ziganto has responded to my criticisms!

Her response:
Creepily obsessed blogger has now taken to calling me "That moron Lori Ziganto". Ah, the tolerant Left.
Some facts
  • Date of Ziganto's response: August 22
  • Date of my last mention of Ziganto: August 22
  • Date of my previous mention of Ziganto: July 7
  • Total number of blog posts in which I mention Ziganto: (including this one):19
  • Total number of blog posts I've written (including this one): 194
Some comments

Who is creepily obsessed, exactly? I post a paragraph in which I criticize Ziganto, and within a few hours, Ziganto posts the aforementioned tweet. Perhaps Ziganto is creepily obsessed, either with herself or with bloggers who bother to mention her. It makes one wonder how Amanda Marcotte feels.

Who is creepily obsessed, exactly? The blogger who offers careful criticisms of Ziganto's posts, or her obsequious readers?

Ziganto seems to have conveniently forgotten her rejection of relativism. If she thinks that it is wrong of me to criticize her, that it is intolerant of me to do so, then she is guilty of the very relativism she claims to abhor. And she is also guilty of hypocrisy. She implies that it is intolerant of me to object to her posts so strenuously. Yet she obviously has no trouble objecting to anything with which she disagrees. (Inconsistency is one hallmark of the bullshitter. See below.) But I doubt that she thinks of herself as intolerant. So I suppose that, for her, "tolerance" means something like "refusing to reject anything Lori Ziganto stands for." Ziganto has every right to say pretty much whatever she wishes, but she's out of her mind if she thinks that she should be somehow immune from criticism, that what I do is wrong because it's intolerant. That's just weak and lame, Ziganto, even for you. Learn what the word "tolerance" means and get back to me. Being tolerant does not require that we refrain from criticizing anything uttered by some damn fool with a blog.

I really want to be respectful, and perhaps I should have been more careful. Perhaps "moron" was too strong. "Intellectual lightweight," though, is probably closer to the truth. And if anyone wants to know why I think Ziganto is an intellectual lightweight, just search my blog for posts mentioning Lori Ziganto and start reading. I make a very good case.

As I recall, Lori, you had the misfortune of writing an idiotic post in which you claimed that President Obama "expressed disapproval of the United States' superpower status." I just happened to read it because, at the time, I was reading RedState pretty regularly. And, as I recall, you were not the only responsibility-free right-wing nutjob who wanted to twist and distort the president's words in that manner. So I wrote a post, "Source of word vomit stream identified as RedState's hysterical Ziganto," in which I explained what the president actually said, and I used your post as an example of the propaganda I was attacking. (And I have learned since then that all those people who search for "vomit stream" and get my blog are actually looking for fetish porn. Sorry about that.) After that, Lori, you unfortunately linked to my post in one of your posts. And this is where I made my mistake. From the fact that you had obviously read at least part of what I had written, I inferred that some kind of dialogue was possible. But I have learned that the last thing that you, or any responsibility-free blogger, is interested in is dialogue. This has been educational for me, honestly. I am a remarkably naive person, and I don't think I truly realized that bullshitters were possible, much less actual. You, Lori, are an extraordinary bullshitter. You excel at the craft. Frankly, I don't understand people like you. But I understand that neither factual knowledge nor critical thinking skills are necessary to bullshit, and could even be a liability to the bullshitter: the fact that you are an intellectual lightweight is an asset to you.

And this brings me to my last comment. One of my reasons for writing this blog is to counteract all the bullshit that is out there. We are drowning in so much bullshit these days, the vast majority of it I suspect from the right-wing smear machine, of which you are an interchangeable part, that one must pick and choose his targets. And for reasons that I have already explained, I made you one of my targets.

If that makes me "creepily obsessed," so be it. Because even if I were creepily obsessed, it would be completely irrelevant to the quality of my objections to your posts, to which you have yet to respond in a mature, responsible manner.


Ziganto's response to my criticisms of her posts is as follows:
  1. Φ is creepily obsessed with my blog.
  2. Φ's objections to my posts are intolerant.
  3. Therefore, we may disregard Φ's criticisms of my blog.
Well, that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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