Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comments from Sarah Palin's new post-racial society

What follows are comments readers posted on "In Photos: President Obama turns 49," an entry in The Starting Point, a Yahoo! News blog. According to the entry, "the president plans no grand celebrations, just dinner with friends and a few fundraising stops."

According to CNN, "The president is celebrating his birthday without his immediate family because first lady Michelle Obama just arrived in Spain for a planned mini-vacation with the couple's youngest daughter, Sasha, while eldest daughter, Malia, is away at summer camp."

And by the way, let's not forget Sarah Palin's recent assertion that "with the election of our first black president, our country [has] become a new “post-racial” society."

Wake up America. This guy is here to destroy our country. He is not an American or will he ever be one. He is for himself and what he can get out of this office. He will not be happy until he destroys this country.

Jim Jones
Is the Monkey girl making a delivery to someone in Spain, or , just another vacation, I , think she doesn't like to see a false B-Day Celebration , while she is dropping off Secrets to the enemy.

any fool who wishes this closet racist,reparation,affirmative action president happy b-day needs to be deported.To kenya. Start packin you liberal anti-American scum.

he was bone in east la man!!!!! hope your bi-=tchs plane crashes youscum of the earth just like all muslims hope your cake is made of pig blood

Jesus warned us about Obama! The one world leader and the one world Government is in the Bible. Obama is Satan in the flesh, can't believe ya'll can't see that!

do you know why adam and eve wasn't black? did you ever try takeing a rib off a black man !!! LOL

Boogety Boogety Boo goodbye Muslim boy Oblahbla. 2012 you go back to the ghetto!!!

Great day when this som beeich gets voted out or the light of his life goes out. Which ever comes first. Oh what a great day, I think I'll dance a jig!!

49, all we can HOPE for is that he will keep on smoking those cigarettes and death would have the AUDACITY to visit Obama early. lol

Looks like a monkey with aids

hes a liar, and america knows it, some dont care, but most do, remember, cut his legs off in november, maybe we can minimize the damage he can do before we vote his monkey @#$% out

Screw Obama He Is A Thug ...
Obama is a joke. I hope he has a lousy birthday. He is a horrible, hateful, evil monster.

how long do chimpanzees live?

Clearly some of you darkies have gotten way to excited about nothin, and the rest of you upstanding whites that have fallen onto the naegar lovin train, well you need to get off that express, cause its going straight to Africa with our country. If the good decent real Americans (and I mean everybody thats not no dam Paco fresh off the border or no good pot smokin non workin free loadin neeager) don't stand up and vote this som beeich out than we just gone have to get him out by any means necessary. And thats change you can believe in. Now lets get this slogan right "Yes We CAN" "Yes We CAN" get these darkies and jews up out of my country. HE WAS NEVER OUR PRESIDENT AND HE NEVER WILL BE!!

Akira Flight 316
Dear President Barry Soetoro, please dont continue pi$$ on the American people and tell us its raining.

Have a Michelle free (shes in Spain) Birthday. NO PIE 4 U !!!

Speaking of which, why didnt The First Wookie stick around for your alleged birthday?

Can we spank him 49 times with a Louisville Slugger? Or maybe 57 times. Once for each state.

Steve O
everytime i see a picture of Michelle I think that maybe evolution is possible and maybe we did evolve from monkies

Lynch that filthy n*gger.

I have a birthday present I'd like to give him. It is about 8.5 inches long with a nice circumference. I think if I could plant some Krakatoa sized eruptions deep inside that hot little butt of his, it might settle the arrogant piece of feces down some. He is not qualified to be President. He IS qualified to be my bytch-boy. And for all you libturd fans of his--while we're talking about me planting seed, get a mental image of his face contorted in pleasure/pain and his body writhing in ecstasy while I thrust my member into him. This is the way you should always picture him in your mind. When you seem him on TV, be reminded of this mental image.

Here is my bday wishes for Obama: BURN IN HELL !!!!

Steven W
Instead of turning 40, i wish this leftist was turning over in a grave somewhere.
He is trying to overthrow America.
Go Fu-K yourself on your birthday, you leftist @#$% hole president

all you blacks want is more of the white mans money...IT IS NOT OK IT BE ON WELLFARE

After being the worst president in American history this is the song they sang to me today!!!!!! Happy birthday to you,,,,Happy birthday to you,,,,,,,You lead like a monkey,,,,,,,,and you look like one too!!!!

is the term "black bastered" racist???? even thou 80% of blacks are in fact fatherless bastered????

With any Luck , Maybe He will choke on his Barfday Cake an Croak !.. Just a Random Happy Thought ...I feel better ..

so, how old was your mother when she died? *counts the days*

Look, Obama, you can pretend to be a hard working president, but all I see is your hideous family jetsetting around the globe every month on some new vacation and living the high life. The only work I have seen you do is hand-shake all the blacks that you can and hand out stimuluses that put us even more in debt. The worst president EVER.

Jeff D
The head lines got it right birthday BOY

What a Waste of fresh air he's breathing.


Attn to the Chicago area- Due to tonights birthday party we are all out of Chicken & collard greens. There is a run on kool menthols and malt liqour across the street at 7-11


The only ones on here wishing this illegal squatter a happy b day are either black, illeterate, or gay.

Can any one give me instructions on how to gift wrap a watermelon?

he still looks like a monkey to me. just older. go bak to africa! he's not even a us citizen, for crying out loud! who cares what he looks like.

It's interesting to me that the majority of people that like him don't know how to spell or speak proper English. Those of us that are supporting the welfare leaches DO know how to speak properly and spell. Vote the Dems out and let those of us that work and create jobs get back to doing just that and stop the cry babies that want everyone else to be responsible for them from running the country.

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