Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have an idea

As of 7:56 p.m. my time, Erick Erickson at RedState believes that all is not lost.

"There is still a change [sic], though increasingly slim, that the House GOP will be able to blow up the health care bill on a motion to recommit," Erickson writes.

Republicans can also "[p]ledge immediate repeal in toto of Obamacare should it pass." And they can "[p]ledge to adopt for their own use the exact same rules under which Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have governed the House of Representatives."

Hell, they can even challenge parts of the bill in court, Erickson says.

Hey, Erick, I have an idea: win a freaking election. That's what you can do. Win an election.  

And by the way, you might find a supermajority in the Senate helpful, now that your party has established its necessity.

You lost the election. Stop your whining, you pathetic bunch of crybabies. That goes for you racist, homophobic Teabaggers as well. [And if any of you Teabaggers are insulted by this, then I have two things to say: (1) shame on you for feeling insulted, and (2) you lost your right to complain when you started throwing the n-word around.] 

Note: this is Your Analytic Analeptic's one hundredth post! Φ's kinda excited about it, even if no one else is.


  1. All in all, I'm pleased healthcare reform has made it through congress. I would be more excited by a Universal/Single Payer system but what's a socialist to do in capitalist America? I'll look at it as a first step and await tweaks to the newborn creation.

  2. My wife asked me this morning how I felt about waking up in a totalitarian state this morning, and I said I felt pretty good.

    I'm pleased, but I wonder what we might have had if the Democrats hadn't tried a bipartisan approach with a party that wasn't interested. Not a single Republican voted for the bill last night. Single payer was taken off the table even before the legislative process began, and I think that single payer is actually the cure for what ails us.

    This might sound weird, but I'm actually a capitalist. I'm just not an ideologue about it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. The balance of capitalism and socialism is the key to it all. Tax cuts and deregulation isn't usually the answer to our problems.


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