Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Worlds: Fans of Joseph Andrew Stack and the son of Vernon Hunter

As reported by the Associated Press:
Authorities say Stack, 53, targeted the IRS office building in Austin on Thursday, killing employee Vernon Hunter and himself, after posting a ranting manifesto against the agency and the government. He apparently set fire to his home before flying his plane into the office building.

Hunter's son, Ken Hunter, said he's alarmed by comments that the pilot was a hero.

"How can you call someone a hero who after he burns down his house, he gets into his plane ... and flies it into a building to kill people?" Hunter told ABC." "My dad Vernon did two tours of duty in Vietnam. My dad's a hero."
What follows are messages posted to the wall of Fans of Andrew Joseph Stack on Facebook as of approximately 3:30 p.m. CST today.
Gustavo Rodríguez Vázquez I believe that Governments are merely tax collectors to fleece the citizen who is the only added value generated through their work. This situation creates more poverty and unemployment and governments only offer greater tax burden to try to reduce what in reality is a systemic crash. Each day there will be more Andrew Joseph Stack willing to fly an airplane or more Santiago Mainar (a Spain (Europe) hero) willing to end Government pressure with a shotgun.
2 hours ago · Report

Hilary Fox
7 hours ago · Report

Mauricio Fernandez i believe that our fellow hero is the first of many occurenses yet to come. until then, i salute you Mr. Stack, someone who died for what he believed in; a true american
Yesterday at 10:05pm · Report

Ann Willette Andrew Joseph Stack has brought to the forefront the issues surrounding millions of US citizens who have been inflicted by the injustices of the IRS and the US government and I applaud his action to bring this plight to the attention of the nation. It is sad he took with him a civilian, whose son says his father would have helped. There is no help from an IRS employee - they are bound to uphold the law as enacted by Congress. There are people trying to feed their families after being garnished by the IRS - at the tune of $154 per week. An impossibility by any standard. But, if you aren't born in this country and you manage to get here, you are entitled to "rights" that the US population does not have, but who must pay taxes for. For his courage, I applaud Andrew Joseph Stack.
Yesterday at 7:59pm · Report

Michael Joseph Serafin God Bless Mr. Stack. This Goverment Has Lost Touch With The People That Elected Them!
Yesterday at 6:18pm · Report

Sayyid Zakaria He was a great man. He was Hero. No one should pay more than 5% in tax. the govn. use tax money for stupid war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yesterday at 5:54pm · Report

Jeffrey Swihart Joseph Andrew Stack. Everyone wants to paint this guy as a kook, you guys should know better than to jump to conclusions. He had a family, a home, a plane. Kook's dont have those things. I read his paper (manifesto), nothing commy there. Just a man who had taken all he could take. I under stand that thinking. I'm not saying he didn't go off the deep end, he did. But out of the blue? just because? Every time somthing like this happens they want to cry CRAZY.... Every single time?, I don't think so. I'm quickly approching the edge my self. I know what that feels like. Afraid, desperite, alone, betrayed, angry.
Yesterday at 2:34pm · Report

Kelly Mcbride Today I heard a stroy about a man who bulldozed his home instead of letting the bank foreclose on it. But our tax dollars will be used to bail out the bank and all will be fine...except for the poor taxpayer that now has no home. http://www.myfoxla.com/dpps/news/dpgoh-man-bulldozes-home-to-send-bank-message-fc-20100222_6196364
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Joe Dzurinda Last week when it happened I said Joseph Stack was a hero. That day should be a holiday. Unlike his daugher I have no remorse for the person he took with him. As far as I'm concerned IRS employees are not human beings. In my opinion Joseph missed 199.
Yesterday at 11:28am · Report
Mauricio Fernandez likes this.

Gustavo Rodríguez Vázquez In Spain (Europe) we have our own Andrew Joseph Stack, his name is Santiago Mainar and fight for the rights of the citizens and his inalienable sphere of individual freedom.
Yesterday at 3:56am · Report

Kelly Mcbride
Let's see how long this one lasts. By the way, freedom of speech is one of those rights that the administration has been ignoring of late. The right of the people to peaceably assemble is limited even in cyberspace. C'mon Americans, don't let it go on any longer. I don't suggest violence, just a firm discipline of the wayward children we call our government.
Sun at 10:58pm · Report
Update: as of approximately 10 a.m. CST Wednesday, Fans of Andrew Joseph Stack on Facebook is history. I hope Jeffrey Swihart and others like him get the help they need.

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