Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ban on flying airplanes into buildings reconsidered

Steve King: Congressman, propagandist, terrorist sympathizer

As you are probably already aware, a man recently flew a small airplane into an office building in Austin, Texas, with the intention of attacking Internal Revenue Service offices there. Stack and an I.R.S. employee died.

You might think that Republicans and conservatives—you know, the law-and-order crowd—would have a problem with this sort of terroristic behavior. After all, what really is the difference between Stack and, say, Timothy McVeigh, that prick who destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, besides knowledge of an example set by 19 other pricks on 9/11?

But you would be wrong.

Stack's daughter, Samantha Bell, has called Stack a hero. According to the Associated Press, Bell "called her father a hero for his anti-government views but said his actions, which killed an IRS employee, were 'inappropriate.'"

And even Steve King, Republican member of the House of Representatives, has expressed sympathy for Stack. You might remember King as one of the pricks who publicly and conspicuously carried large stacks of paper around with them in protest of Democratic health reform legislation last year. According to King,
I think if we’d abolished the IRS back when I first advocated it, he wouldn’t have a target for his airplane. And I’m still for abolishing the IRS, I’ve been for it for thirty years and I’m for a national sales tax. [...] It’s sad the incident in Texas happened, but by the same token, it’s an agency that is unnecessary and when the day comes when that is over and we abolish the IRS, it’s going to be a happy day for America.
Stack even has his own fan page on Facebook. Scott Langert is the creator of the page. You can contact him to let him know what you think of his activities on Facebook.

I seem to remember Ari Fleischer telling me to watch what I say and do. I guess that applies only when Republicans are in power.

Update: Clyburn Denounces King For Making Excuses For IRS Attack (VIDEO)

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