Monday, April 8, 2013

Two more reasons why I hate The Weather Channel

If you visit the Weather Channel online, you will find the following videos, all of which are labeled as Top Stories:
  • Cat Really Doesn't Want Bath
  • Wow, Bridge Moved in 6 Hours
  • A TARANTULA as Big as Your Face!
  • Gate To Hell Discovered! 
  • Oddest Tax Deductions Ever! 
  • Wild and Wet Videos! 
  • Cat Plays Mom To Puppy
  • Fish Has Human Teeth!
  • The Adventures of Mighty Bug! 
  • What Next? Nests for Humans! 
  • Ever Been to Pig  Beach? 
  • Watch: ATM Blows Up!
  • Dog Walks on Grass for First Time
  • Baby Does Pull-Ups
  • Otter Teaches Baby to Swim
  • Sea Lion Pup is Backseat Driver 
And if you look for the video about a possible tornado outbreak this week, you will find this:

If "Millions At Risk" isn't hysterically alarmist, I don't know what is.

Good thing I'm on meds now.

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