Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mitt tells us where to go

Have you seen Romney's new ad?

It only confirms that my decision not to vote for Mitt is sound. (I'm not thrilled about voting for the other guy, because he didn't veto the NDAA. But that's a different story.)

Anyway, that ad inspired the following response from Democratic Underground:

I have my own response, and it contains more profanity:
  • Approve Keystone pipeline = tell Nebraskans who are worried about the Ogallala aquifer to go fuck themselves
  • Tax cuts that reward job creators = either make deep cuts to government programs that benefit the poor and middle class, or increase the tax burden on the middle class to make up for lost tax revenue, and tell the poor and middle class to go fuck themselves
  • End Obamacare = reward the freeloaders who refuse to insure themselves and who expect those of us to are insured to continue to pay for their visits to the emergency room while we are told to go fuck ourselves
Mitt, I'm so sorry you had to sell your soul to get the nomination, just like McCain before you. But now that you sound like you are completely out of your mind, you can't expect me to take you seriously, much less vote for you. So why don't you go fuck yourself?

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