Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Take this fun quiz!

  1. What would Jesus do?
  2. Which cable package would Jesus purchase?
  3. Which game console would Jesus buy, and how many hours per week would he play?
  4. What fur coat would Jesus wear?
  5. Which SUV would Jesus drive?
  6. What factory-farmed animals would be Jesus’s favorite?
  7. How many mistresses would Jesus have?
  8. Which town hall meeting would Jesus disrupt?
  9. Who would Jesus deny medical care to?
  10. Which politician would Jesus destroy with lies and propaganda?
  11. Which public figure would Jesus ridicule with the use of racist stereotypes?
  12. Which corporation’s profit margins would Jesus protect at the expense of the working poor?
  13. Whose taxes would Jesus raise in order to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans?
  14. Which children of the Third World would Jesus allow to die of malnourishment?
  15. Which race or sex would Jesus discriminate against?
  16. What movies would Jesus censor?
  17. Which books would Jesus burn?
  18. What method of deception would Jesus use to win converts to Christianity?
  19. Which religion would Jesus vilify and encourage war against?
  20. How small and how thin would Jesus prefer the Arctic ice cap to be?
  21. What natural disaster would Jesus justify as God’s punishment for the sins of heretics?
  22. Which homosexuals would Jesus try to cure, assault, or kill?
  23. Which criminals would Jesus execute?
  24. What method of execution would Jesus prefer: lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, or firing squad?
  25. Which abortion doctor would Jesus murder in cold blood?
  26. Who would Jesus waterboard?
  27. Who would Jesus target for an airstrike?
  28. Which country would Jesus launch an unprovoked preemptive attack against?
  29. What city or cities would Jesus destroy with an atomic bomb?
  30. Which genocide would Jesus permit?
25–30: Think about it.
19–24: Think about it.
13–18: Think about it.
7–12: Think about it.
0–6: Think about it.


  1. You really do have a personal problem with Jesus don't you? Maybe you two should work things out. You would feel better...

  2. Burt, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it. Actually, I don't have a problem with Jesus. So I have to ask you to think about it harder. To give you an idea about what I'm driving at, I believe the correct answer to No. 26 is, "No one."

  3. If you rang him up and told him you were misled, he woun't have any problem with that, he would just tell you; your forgiven...


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